Hard seal butterfly valve adopts a structure that the butterfly plate can move along the axial diameter of the valve. Which not only solves the problem of hard seal butterfly valve bidirectional sealing. But also greatly reduces the opening and closing torque of the valve and greatly reduces the processing technology. The operation process is: from closed to open state, the butterfly plate first moves axially away from the sealing surface of the valve body, and then rotates 90℃. From open to closed state, the disc rotates 90℃ first, and then moves axially to the sealing surface of the valve body to achieve sealing.

It has the following advantages:

1, Truly realize the hard seal butterfly valve full pressure bidirectional seal.

2. Opening and closing torque is greatly reduced.

3, The eradication of the butterfly valve due to friction between the sealing surface caused by scrap, will greatly improve the valve life.

4. The sealing surface of the valve is changed from oblique cone to positive cone, and the processing difficulty is greatly reduced.

5. The new hydraulic device can realize two kinds of movement and rotation of valve stem.