Electric butterfly valve belongs to a variety of electric regulating valve and electric valve, widely used in environmental protection, pharmaceutical, heating and cooling, light industry, power station, metallurgy, petrochemical, shipbuilding, textile and other fields. Mainly through the power signal to control the opening and closing of the butterfly valve, can be used as a check valve, control valve and cut-off valve.

Electric butterfly valve according to the connection and installation of different forms, divided into flange type electric butterfly valve and clamping electric butterfly valve two. Flanged electric butterfly valve both ends of the valve have flanges, you can use bolts directly connected with the two ends of the pipe flange together. There is no flange on the valve of the clip-type electric butterfly valve, only the bolt positioning hole, which needs to be connected to the flange of the two ends of the pipe with double bolts.

Compared with the flange type electric butterfly valve, the electric pair butterfly valve has the following characteristics:

1, compact structure, small volume, light weight, small space, can be used for relatively narrow space, or restricted places;

2, because the valve body has no flange, and its structure is relatively small, the cost is cheaper;

3, the valve body has no connecting rod, bolt, so it is not affected by the flow of the medium;

4, double bolt connection, disassembly is more convenient.

Installation Precautions:

1. Before installation, check whether the working condition of the installation part is consistent with the working environment requirements of the electric pinch butterfly valve; 2. Before installation, ensure that the channel and sealing surface of the valve and the part being installed are free of debris;

3. When installing the valve, the connecting holes on the electric clamping butterfly valve should be aligned with the flanges on both ends of the pipe, and the rubber sealing ring of the butterfly valve should be closely fitted with the flanges on both sides;

4. The electric clamping butterfly valve can be installed in any Angle direction, but for the convenience of subsequent maintenance, try not to install it upside down;

5. Before installing the electric butterfly valve, ensure that both ends of the flanges of the installation station have been welded, so as to avoid damage to the rubber sealing ring of the electric butterfly valve caused by high welding temperature;

6, installation, should pay attention to the electric clamp butterfly valve on the arrow direction indication, can not put the direction of the reverse;

7. Before completely tightening, the valve plate of the electric clamping butterfly valve should be opened and closed several times to ensure that it can be switched on and off freely and smoothly, and then the fixed nut should be completely tightened.