(1) Pneumatic butterfly valve accessories mainly include: positioner, converter, actuator, booster valve, position-preserving valve, pressure-reducing valve, filter, oil mist, travel switch, position transmitter, solenoid valve, handwheel mechanism.

(2) Accessories supplement the function and ensure the operation of the valve. Increase what is necessary and do not increase what is unnecessary. Adding accessories when not necessary will increase price and reduce reliability.

(3) The main function of the locator is to improve the output force and action speed, do not need these functions, not with the locator is good.

(4) For quick response system, do not valve action fast, optional converter.

(5) Strict explosion-proof occasions, optional: electrical converter + pneumatic positioner.

(6) Solenoid valve should choose reliable products to prevent it from not acting.

(7) On important occasions, it is recommended not to use handwheel mechanism to prevent human error.

(8) It is better to be provided by the manufacturer and the assembly is supplied on the valve to ensure the reliability of the system and the assembly connection.

(9) When ordering, the name, model, specification, input signal and output signal of the attachment shall be provided.

(10) Again: note the importance of these “little things”, especially reliability.