High performance butterfly valve is a kind of butterfly valve with Telfon lining in the inner cavity of the valve body. It is widely used for regulating or switching the flow and pressure of various fluids in food, biomedicine and electronic industries with health requirements. As well as controlling various strong acids, alkalis and corrosive gases in the chemical industry. With superior durability, excellent sealing performance, excellent corrosion resistance, the valve can achieve zero leakage when closed. Large diameter 600mm, working pressure 10kgf / cm2, high applicable temperature 200 ° C.

All parts of the valve that contact with the fluid are line with Teflon, including the upper and lower ends of the valve stem are wrap with Teflon to prevent the fluid from seeping out along the valve stem.

The design of sealing ring is that rubber and Teflon are independent, but they reinforce each other’s sealing performance. The use of rubber makes the seal elastic and reduces the amount of rubber. It eliminates the possibility that the valve plate will be stuck in the closed position.

New structure design improves sealing performance:
1. The PFA with thickness of more than 3mm can effectively prevent the penetration of various gases and has strong corrosion resistance.
2. A strong spring is add in the upper and lower stuffing box to overcome the influence of temperature fluctuation on the seal.

Summary of advantages:
1. Reasonable design, compact structure, easy to assemble and disassemble, easy to maintain.

2. Eccentric structure is adopt to reduce the service life of friction extension valve of sealing ring.

3. Completely sealed with zero leakage. It can use in ultra-high vacuum condition.

4. Replacement of valve plate seal ring, butterfly plate shaft and other materials can apply to a variety of media and different temperatures.