1. Before the installation of electric butterfly valve, confirm whether the product performance and medium flow direction arrow of the factory are consistent with the movement condition. And insert and clean the inner chamber of the valve. It is not allow to have impurities on the sealing ring and butterfly plate. Before cleaning, it is not allow to close the butterfly plate to avoid damaging the sealing ring.

2. It is recommended to use the special flange of butterfly valve for the disc plate installation of electric butterfly valve

3. The best position of electric butterfly valve installed in the pipeline is vertical installation, but it cannot be inverted.

4. In the use of electric butterfly valve, the flow shall be adjusted and controlled by worm gear box.

5. For butterfly valves with more opening and closing times, open the worm gear case cover in about two months, check whether the butter is normal, and keep a proper amount of butter.

6. Check the connection parts to ensure the tightness of the packing and the flexible rotation of the valve rod.

7. Metal sealed butterfly valve products are not suitable for installation at the end of the pipeline. If it must be installed at the end of the pipeline, it is necessary to install the outlet flange to prevent overstocking and over positioning of the sealing ring.

8. The valve rod shall be installed and used in response to the regular inspection of the valve use effect, and any fault found shall eliminate in time.