At present, the international each country for the use of the valve standards are not the same. Because of the German standard valve popular market, so the use of German standard valve standards are also concerned.

The following will be specific interpretation of the German standard valve use standards.

1, Design and manufacturing standards: Gate valve: DIN 3352.  Globe valve: DIN 3356. Check valve: DIN 3356. Ball valve: DIN 3357.  Butterfly valve: DIN 3354.

2. Length: DIN 3202.

3. Flange standard: DIN 2543-2545.

4. Welding end standard: DIN 3239.

5. Inspection and pressure test: DIN 3230.

6. Pressure and temperature rating: DIN 2401.

The following are the standards for the use of eu valves.

1. Design and manufacturing standards: Gate valves: EN 10434. Globe valves: EN 13709. Ball valves: EN 13709.       Check valves: EN10739.

2. Length standard: EN 558.

3. Flange standard: EN 1092.

4. Inspection and pressure testing standards: EN 12266.

5. Welding end standard: EN 12627.