During the use of the valve, attention should be paid to the maintenance. Good maintenance can ensure the reliable operation of the valve on the one hand. And effectively extend the service life of the valve on the other hand.

(1) Cleaning and lubrication of transmission parts.

As an important part of the valve driving parts, the cleanliness and lubrication of the valve stem thread directly affect the normal operation of the valve. Regularly check the cleanness of the valve rod thread surface. And regularly lubricate the rod thread with greasy. Molybdenum disulfide or graphite powder to ensure the reliability of its transmission performance. Even if the valve is not open and close frequently. Turn the hand wheel regularly to add lubricant to the stem thread to prevent the thread from seizing.

If the valve is mechanically drive, the state of the lubricating oil in the bearing box and gearbox shall check regularly. And the lubricating oil shall be added or replaced in time to ensure that the driving parts such as the bearing and gear are in good lubrication state.

Always keep the valve clean. Especially for the valve install in the area with bad external environment, it is necessary to add a protective sleeve to the valve stem to prevent the valve stem from being jammed due to the corrosion of the valve stem by rain, snow, dust, etc.

(2) Always check and maintain the integrity of valve parts.

Especially for the valve installed outdoors, necessary protective measures shall take to prevent the valve from rusting due to long-term exposure to the harsh environment. Which may cause the failure of pressure bearing boundary and eventually lead to serious consequences.

(3) Check the action flexibility of the valve.

At present, most of the valves are equipped with switch indication signs. To operate the valve, the switch direction should be seen clearly. And the starting position should not force too hard. The threaded part of the valve stem can  lubricate and maintained by applying some of the stream lubricating oil allowed on the pipeline.

(4) Check the stuffing box regularly for leakage.

If slight leakage is found, it can solve by re pressing the pressing plate and pressing sleeve. But the re pressing process of pressing plate thread shall be symmetrically and evenly press to prevent the pressing sleeve from skewing and clamping the valve rod. At the end of the pressing process, the valve stem shall operate to check the action performance of the valve.