Electric actuators are mainly used in the following three fields.

1. Power plant.

Typical applications are:

① Application in thermal power industry.

Damper of air supply fan, damper of primary air inlet, damper of air preheating damper, flue gas recycling, damper of bypass damper, damper of secondary air inlet, damper of main air box damper.

② Valve actuator applications in other power industries.

Ball valve, dust control, speed control of water jet turbine, control of large hydraulic valve, gas control valve, burner ignition and start-up steam control valve, condensate recycling.

2. Process control.

It is use for production process control in chemical, petrochemical, mold, food, medicine, packaging and other industries.

3. Industrial automation.

It is widely use in aviation, aerospace, military industry, machinery, metallurgy, mining, transportation, building materials and other aspects to adjust and control the moving points (moving parts) of various automatic equipment and systems in various forms.

The main applications of process control and industrial automation are as follows:

① Application in sulfur mine production.
② Application of potassium carbonate pipeline valve actuator.
③ Application of water treatment valve actuator.
④ Application of valve actuators in limestone / cement plants.
⑤ Application of actuator in grain processing plant.
⑥ Application of damper and valve actuator in steel works.
⑦ Application of damper and valve actuator in aluminum plant.
⑧ Application of process control damper.
⑨ Application in petroleum industry.
⑩ Application in natural gas production and transmission industry.