1. Equipment environmental requirements.

This PL series valve electric actuators can be used indoors or outdoors.
This PL series valve electric actuators are non-explosion-proof products. Please pay attention to avoid flammable, explosive environment.
Please select our explosion-proof valve electric actuators.
Have explosion-proof certificate, quality centering.
Under the environment of rain, materials and direct sunlight for a long time, it is necessary for the equipment to maintain the protective equipment of the whole electric actuation structure.
Please reserve space for wiring, manual operation and other equipment repair.
Ambient temperature -30 degrees to 60 degrees.

2. Requirements for operating medium temperature.

When used in conjunction with the valve, the operating medium temperature is transferred to the performance arrangement and the performance arrangement temperature will rise.
Operating medium is at high temperature, the valve connected with the bracket to reduce the effect of heat conduction.
When the operating medium temperature is below 80 degrees, please use the standard support.
When the working medium temperature is above 80 degrees, please use high temperature support.

3. Requirements for on-site wiring, piping and cable equipment.

A. The outer diameter of the wire pipe is 9-11.
B. Waterproof countermeasures should fully adopt.
C. The performance arrangement shall be higher than the conduit pipe so that water vapor from the conduit pipe does not flow into the performance arrangement to ensure its safety.
When using cables, the outside diameter is 9-11. Otherwise water may enter the execution arrangement from the waterproof cable connector and damage all internal parts.
In principle, the signal line should shield and separate from the power line. Facilitate future maintenance.

4. Power requirements.

Supply corresponding on-site power supply according to the type of power supply used by the ordered model.
AC380V plus or minus 10% 50/60Hz
AC220V plus or minus 10% 50/60Hz
AC110V plus or minus 10% 50/60Hz
AC24V plus or minus 10% 50/60Hz
DC24V plus or minus 5%