1. Shell.

The shell is made of hard aluminum alloy, anodized and polyester powder coated, with strong corrosion resistance, protection grade of IP67, NEMA 4 and 6, and IP68 and explosion-proof type (exdii BT4, exdii C T5) for selection.

2. Motor.

Totally enclosed squirrel cage motor, small size, large torque, small inertia force, insulation class F, built-in overheat maintenance switch, can prevent overheat damage to the motor.

3. The manual structure and hand wheel planning ensure safety, reliability, labor saving, small volume. And when the power is off, the oscillating clutch handle can be operated manually. When energized, the clutch resets automatically.

4. Indicator.

The indicator device is on the central axis, and the valve position may be inquired. Convex lens is select for mirror surface planning, no water accumulation, and more convenient for query.

5. Boring machine.

It is use to control the temperature and prevent the moisture condensation inside the actuator due to the temperature and climate change. It adheres to the dryness of the internal electrical components.

6. Limit switch.

Mechanical and electrical double limit. The mechanical limit screw is adjustable, safe and reliable; the electrical limit switch is control by cam arrangement, simple adjustment arrangement, accurate and convenient setting direction, without battery support.

7. Torque switch.

It can provide overload maintenance (chq-005 / 008 / 010 is outside), the valve six is jammed, when there is any foreign matter, it will automatically disconnect the motor power supply, and more useful maintenance valve and valve electric actuator will not damage.

8. Self locking.

Precision double worm gear arrangement can efficiently transmit torque, high efficiency, low noise (maximum DB 50), long service life with self-locking function, prevent rotation, the transmission part is safe and reliable, the factory has fill with high-efficiency grease, no need to refuel.

9. Anti falling bolt.

When it is remove from the shell, the bolt is attach to the shell and will not fall off. The external bolts are made of 304 stainless steel.

10. Equipment.

The size of the bottom equipment meets the international standard of ISO5211, the drive shaft sleeve can remove and process as required, with strong adaptability. It can be straight or horizontal.

11. Line.

The control line shall meet the specifications of single-phase or three-phase power supply, the line shall arrange compactly and reasonably, and the terminal block can use to meet the requirements of various additional functions. The valve switch has passive contact output when it is in place.

12. Intelligent module.

Integrated useful barrier is select, which greatly improves the anti-interference function and temperature resistance of software and hardware.

13. Valve position digital halo indication.

During the opening or closing process of the valve electric actuator. The change of valve position will flash on the LCD screen in a large digital way in real time.

14. Automatic adjustment of phase sequence.

The intelligent actuator automatically detects the phase sequence of the three-phase power supply, without the user’s consideration of the phase sequence of the three-phase power supply.