The hydraulic control slow closing ball valve features small flow resistance coefficient, high degree of automation, complete functions, stable and reliable performance, etc. Has been applied in all walks of life. It mainly focuses on the following aspects:

1. It can replace the function of the original electric gate valve and check valve at the outlet of the water pump. And integrate the mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems into a whole. So as to reduce the floor space and infrastructure investment.

2. The electro-hydraulic control function is complete, which can use as an independent system for on-site debugging and control without additional configuration. It can also use as an equipment unit of distributed control system (DCS). Which can centrally manage by central computer through I / O channel, and realize linkage operation with water pump, turbine, bypass valve and other pipeline equipment. It is also equip with manual function without power supply. The valve can also open and close manually to meet the requirements of valve debugging and control under special working conditions.

3. It has good controllability, wide adjustment range and strong adaptability. The electro-hydraulic control system is equip with multiple adjusting model. Which can be set for opening and closing procedures according to different pipeline control requirements. When the conditions for opening and closing the valve are met, the valve can open automatically according to the preset time and angle. And divide into two stages of fast closing and slow closing. It can effectively eliminate the destructive water hammer. Prevent the runaway accidents of pumps and turbine units. Reduce the pressure fluctuation of the pipe network system. And ensure the safe and reliable operation of the equipment.

4. The sealing surface of the main valve is three eccentric metal seal or double eccentric rubber seal structure. Which is easy to open and close and has an additional eccentricity. Which makes the valve have good self closing and self sealing performance. The medium and small diameter ball plate is design as streamline flat plate structure. And the large diameter ball plate is design as double plate truss structure. Which has small displacement and smooth flow. The flow resistance coefficient of the valve is only 0.1-0.6, which is far less than that of the check valve (1.7-2.6), so the energy-saving effect is obvious.