As the speed of AT pneumatic actuators increases, the impact of actuators and valves in the off or open position becomes very serious. Directly affect the positioning accuracy, service life and operation reliability of pneumatic actuators and valves. And even affect the safety of automatic control system. To realize the fast opening or closing of the valve, the fast pneumatic actuator is often use to control. In order to speed up the action of pneumatic actuators, become fast pneumatic actuators. It can use the following aspects of the growth measures.

First,An intermediate storage tank can add on the side of at pneumatic actuator.

The meter air goes first into the tank and then into the actuator. This method is suitable for the situation of large control valve and large gas consumption. The function of air storage tank is not to increase inlet air source pressure. But to ensure constant air source pressure. This approach is based on the fact that the intake manifold is relatively small. And the air supply cannot keep up, leading to a reduction in pressure. In general, this method is use to reserve vital valves as emergency air sources.

Second, if the switch is required to be faster, we can make the air source tube thicker. So that the air intake will increase, the switch is faster.

Third, Increasing the accelerator can also improve the switching speed of at pneumatic actuator.

Four, In fact, in the choice of the valve actuator, the need to consider the valve opening and closing time requirements. Pay attention to the pneumatic valve opening and closing open-close torque moment and stress, considering the torque under the premise of safety coefficient. Considering actuator into the exhaust velocity, and to consider increasing the tube diameter, and the exhaust pipe, pneumatic control valve and exhaust valve and pneumatic accessories fast selection and matching.