In many factories and workshops, equipment maintenance and maintenance has asked to be standardized and institutionalized. Pneumatic butterfly valve, although just a common valve device, but in order not to affect use, prolong service life, everyday is little not take necessary maintenance measures. So, what exactly and maintenance measures have?

First, regular maintenance:

Although not daily maintenance, but in order to ensure that the pneumatic butterfly valve can meet the needs of use, not suddenly strike people caught off guard. So can not do daily maintenance can, regular arrangement of personnel inspection is necessary. Pneumatic butterfly valve preventive maintenance includes the working conditions of valve is normal. It is apply to the control processing of chemical medium fluid valve to check the corrosion situation, operation has no noise, valve sealing is good, did the valve closed fluid leaks, etc. It used in hydraulic power plants of pneumatic butterfly valve and check valve switch have blocked. If there is blockage, it should cleanup in time, otherwise it will affect the use effect of pneumatic butterfly valve.

Two, maintenance and repair:

Mechanical equipment failure is inevitable, in addition to the regular cleaning of the pneumatic butterfly valve. But also to ensure that the sealing of the valve is good. And the performance of the pneumatic butterfly valve is regularly check. If conditions are best to test the pneumatic butterfly valve equipment and instruments. Find professional maintenance personnel to repair and replace the damaged parts in time. In addition, the predictive maintenance work before failure is also very important.

The service life of pneumatic butterfly valve is related to the quality of the product itself. The late maintenance is in place, and there is no operation in accordance with the correct method of use.