Any equipment and products have service life and time, but scientific and reasonable protection will improve the use rate, thus reducing the overall operating cost, so that more friends have a strong interest in this. Generally speaking, the hydraulic butterfly valve in the use stage, as long as there is a correct way to treat, I believe that the effect will be satisfied with the user.

Practice one: Do not support heavy objects.

For the hydraulic butterfly valve, in the daily operation and use stage, it is worth noting that to reduce the support of heavy objects, so as to avoid impact, resulting in the lack of use effect. From the current actual situation to be analyzed, consider these specific practices to help choose, reduce the impact of heavy objects on the bearing force of the butterfly valve itself, which will ensure that the performance quality is further satisfied, so that everyone has a more familiar understanding of it.

Practice two: pay attention to the details of wiping.

In the process of using the hydraulic butterfly valve, for the threaded place to do the focus of wiping, which in improving the overall cleanliness, to ensure that the lubrication coefficient is upgraded and so on has the effect of twice the result with half the effort. Once there is a problem in the use stage, the use effect will be affected.