Inflatable butterfly valve

  1. Basic information:

Body: ASTM A536 65-45-12, WCB, CF8M

Disc: ASTM A536 65-45-12 Nylon coated, CF8, CF8M, 2507, 1.4462


Body style: wafer、LUG

Nominal diameter: 2″-24″ (DN50mm –DN600mm)

Top flange: ISO5211

Pneumatic actuator:Double acting,Single acting

Pneumatic accessories: Solenoid valve, limit switch box, air source filter, hand wheel


  1. Advantages:
  • It uses the air of the pneumatic actuator to inflate the valve body, forcing the rubber valve seat to stretch along the butterfly disc, providing evenly distributed pressure for the seal.
  • It only needs lighter torque to open and close the butterfly valve, so a smaller actuator can be used, which not only reduces the operating space but also reduces the cost of the entire valve.
  • Inflatable inflatable butterfly valve has low friction, low torque and good wear resistance, so it is especially suitable for dry powder solids, particles, abrasives, gases and mud, etc. It is the first choice for pneumatic conveying system equipment.