SS U flange butterfly valve

The flanged butterfly valve (the structure length can be expanded within a certain range), not only brings convenience for the valve disassembly and assembly, but also can relieve pipeline stress, protect the valve, but also concentrate the installation of the butterfly valve and expansion device. The space is more compact. Normally, this kind of valve does not need special maintenance, only regular observation of the expansion part of the existence of leakage and pull phenomenon. According to my years of design and application experience that the expansion flange butterfly valve in the initial cost is lower than the installation of the flange butterfly valve expansion device, but consider the future maintenance cost, but more than worth the loss, why so say.

If the sealing part of the butterfly valve is damaged and the sealing ring cannot be replaced. The butterfly valve should be scrapped, together with the expansion part, and the loss is greater. If the sealing part of the butterfly valve needs to be maintained, only the compression and expansion part is unable to achieve valve disassembly online maintenance. And the installation of the butterfly valve plus expansion device has great advantages, only need to remove the expansion device. That is, there is artificial maintenance space, to achieve the valve disassembly maintenance (butterfly valve heavy, light telescopic device, telescopic device low labor intensity).

The telescopic flange butterfly valve is suitable for temperature ≤80℃, used for petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, textile, paper, power, water supply and drainage, gas pipeline, for regulating the flow and blocking the medium, with the function of compensation pipe thermal expansion cold contraction. 1, novel design, reasonable, unique structure, light weight, easy to operate, fast closing.

Notes for installation and use of telescopic flange butterfly valve:

1, Expansion flange butterfly valve must be flat before installation, do not knock randomly;

2. The structure length of the telescopic flange butterfly valve is small when it leaves the factory. When it is installed, it is pulled to the installation length (i.e. the design length);

3. When the length between pipelines exceeds the installation length of the expansion valve, please adjust the pipe interval. Do not forcibly pull the expansion valve to avoid damage to the expansion valve;

4, telescopic flange butterfly valve can be installed in any position, when the temperature compensation, after the pipeline installation is completed, the pipe along the axis of the two ends of the bracket, to prevent the telescopic valve telescopic pipe pull out, the support force of the bracket is calculated according to the following formula, the operation is strictly prohibited to remove the bracket.