Inflatable seat pneumatic butterfly valve

Actuators have pneumatic and electric two forms, usually we understand more about pneumatic actuators. But pneumatic actuators from the technical performance, it is faster than the action of electric actuators, fast response;
Large load, can adapt to high torque output of the application.

Good adaptability to work environment, especially in flammable, explosive, dusty, strong magnetic, radiation and vibration and other bad working environment, better than hydraulic, electronic, electrical control.

At the same time, under the development of social science and technology, the pneumatic actuators will have a better development.

The pneumatic actuators will develop towards intelligent and energy conservation, because in many petroleum chemical industry. Pneumatic actuator position is high, because of the bad work environment, monitoring and maintenance is extremely difficult. Regulating valve performance instability cause by production brings to the enterprise production difficulties.

In this case, the pneumatic actuator intelligent positioner because the microprocessor as the core is not affecte by the environment, easy to adjust fast, easy to maintain, can achieve remote monitoring, pneumatic valve represents the development direction of the positioner.

Diversification of pneumatic actuators mainly refers to the use of multiple aspects, such as in sewage treatment.
Nowadays, with the increasingly serious water environment, sewage treatment is of great urgency.

Pneumatic actuators are use in sewage treatment, which reduces the energy and time consumed by staff. Staff can carry out sewage treatment operations as long as they are in the central monitoring and control room.

The encoder contained in the pneumatic actuator ensures the accuracy of sewage treatment process. And compared with the previous sewage treatment methods. Its addition also significantly reduces the probability of errors.

On the other hand is the pneumatic actuator pneumatic energy saving, pneumatic energy saving mainly refers to reduce power consumption and gas consumption.

Compressed air is produce by the compressor, reducing air consumption is to reduce the compressor power consumption.

The current flowing through the piezoelectric valve is very small and the power consumption is low.
The adoption of this kind of electricity/gas conversion device with low energy consumption, fast response, stable performance and long life is bound to become the mainstream of development.

In short, pneumatic actuators are more and more widely use in the industrial field, the overall use of the market needs. Pneumatic actuators will be intelligent and energy-saving development.