1. The bolt welded on the valve disc should not be too long, otherwise it will be due to the bolt is too long and against the valve body flow channel, resulting in the sealing surface is “overhead”, can not play the sealing role; When assembling, attention should be paid to check and adjust the opening of the lead screw to ensure that the sealing surface can be closely engaged.

2, choose the appropriate adjustment pad, pad thickness should be slightly lower than or equal to the valve disc sealing surface step height, so that the soft sealing pad and the valve disc sealing surface closely fit, in the same plane.

3. In order to prevent the compression nut from falling off, appropriate anti-loosening treatment should be made after the nut is tightened.

4, should consider the use of fluid medium conditions, choose suitable medium requirements of soft gasket, so as to avoid the presence of medium corrosion or high temperature deformation and other effects on the use.

5. When the sealing surface of the valve seat is badly damaged, the valve seat can be scrapped, and the spool can continue to be used with the valve seat of the same specification after improvement.

6, adjust the valve should be marked, avoid fierce opening and closing, so as not to affect the service life of the gasket.