Pneumatic valves in regulating valve are characteristic of the valve. Because of the pneumatic valve is connect to the pneumatic actuator. Make this kind of valve gear of medium in the pipe precise truncation effect. And has the effect of flow control, and fully automated processing. So also is the typical in automation equipment of the device.

Pneumatic actuators have certain principles when performing their work. When the compressed gas enters the pneumatic actuators through tube A. The gas will push the two pistons to move in A straight line on both sides.
The valve opens when the rack on the piston pulls the pinion around counterclockwise

The gas is then excret from the management surface of Group B. If, on the other hand, the gas passes through the B tube into the pneumatic actuator. Then the pinion on the piston pulls the pinion to rotate clockwise and the valve is closed.

Due to the access of pneumatic actuators, the valve in the pipeline can drive the valve body parts to move quickly. With a certain automation effect, and because the actuator itself is energy drive, so the valve body opening and closing parts of the drive is also of certain value. The valve is use to open and close fluid lines due to low fluid resistance.

As one of the opening and closing devices, the valve installed pneumatic actuator has the use of compressed gas, push the piston to the valve connected to the valve stem to play a role, drive the ball valve ball for motion, thus playing a role in regulating the pipeline fluid medium.

As the opening and closing part, the ball rotates around the axis of the ball valve, which has a certain effect on the medium delivery.

The characteristics of the ball valve is wear-resisting, sealing performance is better. And because the resistance is smaller, so the internal body suffer less wear, service life is longer. Such characteristics make the pneumatic valve in the use of the pipeline more handy.